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Monday, April 27, 2015

Design Wall Monday

 I finished the Framed 9 Patch top I showed last week . My original plan was to make it 4 x 5 and decided to go 5 x 5 instead. I added 2" and 5" borders.  54 inch square quilt is a nice sized cuddly quilt. Covers both mom and baby. Now it's time to piece the back, make the binding and get this quilted.

I decided to work on a UFO from last year. This is the 2014 BOM from The Hexi Blog.  When I opened the bin, only 2 blocks were completed. All the background fabric squares were cut and waiting for applique.  Including this sun, I now have 3 more blocks ready to applique.

My plans for the week were interrupted by the flu bug. 2 sick days and another to recoup put me way behind. Good thing I had the hexies ready to work.

I'm just going to copy the goal list from last week and keep working on it. It's nice to have at least one thing marked off the list.

This week I continue the list from last week: 
  • Finish this baby quilt.  Done
  • Make a second baby quilt.
  • Pin baste both of the baby quilts.
  • Finish cutting strips for retreat swap.
  • Piece batting for the next big quilt. (My roll is gone so now I must use up what I have stored away in boxes.)
  • Baste the 2 baby quilts and the next big quilt.
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Monday, April 20, 2015

April Quilt Finishes

My second Scrappy Sister's Choice.

Fun with Batiks.

The Elk Quilt for Hunting Club.

Being ready for the hunting club picnic early feels good.
Not near as good as crossing 2 more UFOs off my list.


Design Wall Monday

A while back, I participated in a bright and white 9 patch swap with an internet group. I swapped 6 sets of 10 blocks so I have a very nice variety of 9 patches.  I think I only got one of my own back. That's a lot of block swapping!!!

It's so nice to have something on my design wall......it's been a while. I love simple framed blocks. These will finish at 8 inches so I am thinking a 4 x 5 setting with 2 borders will make a nice size crib quilt.

I quilted 2 quilts this week. They are finished-complete with labels.  I kept thinking Sunday would have been a good day to take them outside for pictures but kept getting sidetracked.  Today will be another sunny day so I'll make sure to get photos before the rain returns to the Pacific Northwest.

My goals for last week were surpassed. I surprised myself. A good audio book helped keep me at the machine.

This week I would like to:

  • Finish this baby quilt.
  • Make a second baby quilt.
  • Pin baste both of the baby quilts.
  • Finish cutting strips for retreat swap.
  • Piece batting for the next big quilt. (My roll is gone so now I must use up what I have stored away in boxes.)
  • Baste the 2 baby quilts and the next big quilt.

This should keep me out of trouble.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pantry/Freezer Challenge-The Results

Oh my, the aroma in my house yesterday and overnight was amazing. It smelled like garden fresh tomatoes. Which is exactly what the tomatoes that I showed yesterday were when they went into my freezer.

My original plan was to make one crockpot full of tomato sauce and one of pizza sauce and to can them. I guess I didn't think my plan through enough because there is a ratio of tomatoes to lemon juice for canning tomato sauce and I didn't follow a recipe for that.  So, better to be safe than sorry, to the freezer these go! From the bulk food section of Winco, I had bought a pizza seasoning mix so I started dumping it in until it tasted good.

I ended up with 18 of these half pint Ball containers for the freezer. The perfect amount for one pizza on my home made crust. But first I'm going to go grab 1 of them out and make some pepperoni rolls and use it for dipping sauce. Mmmmm.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Pantry/Freezer Challenge

I am on a mission to empty out 1 old chest freezer.
It needs to be gone and replaced with a new upright.
I like having 2 freezers because you know I hate to shop.
I want my freezers and my pantry full.
Just in case.

Today's mission is to get all of the frozen whole tomatoes into the crockpot.
Did you know if you freeze them whole? 
They take up a lot of real estate.
When you thaw them, the skins come right off.
This will be really good tomato sauce.
Probably tomorrow.
It takes a long time in the crockpot.

Lesson learned...don't freeze any more tomatoes.

I figured what the heck and pulled out all the cut up tomatoes too.
The second crockpot will be full of those.
I think I will make this pizza sauce.

I'm not sure how much sauce I'll get out of all these.
I'd rather have it in jars than in the freezer.
I'll look up the pressure cooking time to see if it's the same as for canning dry beans.
Can't run the pressure cooker half full.

Too be continued.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Design Wall Monday

I have nothing on my design wall.
It will be a week full of quilting.

I had a very successful week of reaching my goals from last week's Design Wall Monday post.
So successful that I was able to start quilting this quilt Saturday afternoon 
after basting it and another in the morning. 
Why not baste 2, the tables were already set up 
and Jersey Boys was on tv.

The elk quilt for hunting club is finished!!! 
(I need to hang it up to take a full picture.)
Yeah-2 months ahead of time.
Monday afternoon I sewed the binding on and started to stitch it down that night.
Then a bit more on Tuesday.
Wednesday I took it go Binding Friends group
and left there with it finished!!!  
Great help from Marian and Granddaughter Taylor 
(who is now officially a Binding Friend since this was her first binding.)
Thank you so much ladies!

Next up I finished the Della Wallets from Swoon Patterns.
I delivered them to Taylor and Lacey.
They both loved them. 
Friday afternoon I made backs for the next 2 quilts.

Goals for this week are pretty simple:
  • Finish the batik boxy quilt.
  • Start quilting the 2nd Sister's Choice.

Friday, April 10, 2015


Goal number 2 has been marked off my list. The top wallet was made for camo and Duck Dynasty loving Taylor.  The bright pink was made for Lacey.  I delivered them this morning and they both love them.

This afternoon I made the backs for the two quilts I want to baste tomorrow.  Everything is ready to start bright and early. I'm crossing my fingers that I can be quilting by afternoon.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Meeting Goals

I'm working hard to meet the weekly goals I set for myself.
First up is to finish the elk quilt.
Monday morning, bright and early, I set up my table and trimmed the quilt.

While the table was set up, 
 I cut out 2 Della Wallets.

Why not keep cutting, I have a retreat in a few weeks.
I took out a bin that said bright 2 1/2" strips to cut a new quilt.
When I opened the bin I found that I already had a plan for those strips.
I decided to go with that plan and cut and made kits for several blocks.
This will be a baby quilt when it is finished.
I even have the pretty pink flannel for the back.
May as well get the batting and binding ready too.
Where did that plan come from??? 

After dinner, I sewed the binding on and started stitching it down.
My goal was to stitch and watch The Voice.
I made it through the first hour before my eyes gave up.
This quilt will be finished soon.

I am going to start basting this quilt in a few minutes.
Yes, I am a bright and early person.

On a farm related note, 
I forgot to write about the new babies.
Friday, April 3rd, 12 baby chicks followed me home.
5 Buff Orpingtons
2 Black Australorps
and 5 Golden Sexlinks

Sadly one didn't make it but 11 are growing like baby chicks do. 

Today is going to be a busy day.
But first, I need another cup of coffee!

Monday, April 06, 2015

Design Wall Monday

I'm happy to say the elk quilt for the hunting club is quilted. Today I will trim it and sew on the binding.  I will be happy to mark this project off my list for another year. This quilt measures about 72 x 94. Whoever wins it will be quite cozy bundled up with the flannel backing. I did a medium meander for the quilting. I think Quilt Inspector Polly approves.

I didn't do very well with my goal list from last week.  I now need to make 2 Swoon Della Wallets.  I decided to have the gals pick their own fabrics. Once you've made one, they go really fast. I love using mine. I've bought several of the Swoon patterns and have been real happy with the ones I have made.

I did work on a couple Pineapple Crazy Blocks but I put them away again. I have the next quilt ready to pin baste and I hope I have enough pins to baste another one while I have the tables set up.  I think it takes longer for me to set up the tables and get started than it does to pin the quilt.

I'm quite excited about the next 2 quilts. I can't wait to start quilting them.  I like that I already know how I want to quilt each of them.

My goals for this week are short and sweet.

  • Finish the elk quilt
  • Sew 2 Della Wallets
  • Pin baste 2 quilts
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Monday, March 30, 2015

Design Wall Monday

Look at me recycling an old photo of my Pineapple Crazy blocks.  I'm too lazy to go take a picture of the newest blocks and I love how it looks with them layed out. It inspires me to sew like a mad woman.

Sadly these have been put on hold while I work on the elk quilt for the hunting club. Sort of on hold, I ran out of papers and coincidentally out of printer ink. So new ink has been bought and installed and as I write this post, blocks are being printed. I'm hoping to stay focused on the elk quilt and not call squirrel on itty bitty pieces of fabric.

After some household chores this morning, the tables will be set up and the basting of the elk quilt will begin.  Maybe the quilting will start today too.  What I really want to work on though are these Pineapple Crazy blocks.

I have a list of goals for my sewing this week.

  • baste, quilt and bind the elk quilt 
  • I think I need to buy some brown thread for the binding-I'd better check on that
  • finish the wallet I'm working on
  • make a few more Pineapple Crazy blocks

That's probably enough for this week.  First I am going to see what others are working on at Patchwork Times and drink another cup of coffee.

Friday, March 27, 2015

On The Needles

You know that sometimes I need to work on something new feeling?
I had that this week.
I was clearing out some stuff and came across a bag that had the Dreambird shawl in it.
I knew I would never, ever finish it.
I just isn't me. 

So I pulled it out, or I tired to.
Not an easy unknit.

I decided to make myself a Lillian scarf.
Don't you love the colors of the verigated?
Grays to pinks to lavender. 

The pattern doesn't call for fingering yarn or size 5 needles.
I cast on double the amount of stitches.
Cross your fingers that it works out for me.

I've made Lillian before.
This one was gifted to daughter Dee last year.
She loves it.
Again, not the yarn or needle size called for in the pattern.
Will I ever make this according to the pattern?
I just might.

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PS: the Blueberry Waffle socks from last week have been fixed
and more progress was made on toe up socks-I'm almost at the gusset.