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Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Bonnie UFO for Jo's Challenge

Jo at Jo's Country Junction is hosting a Bonnie UFO Challenge. That's all the inspiration I need to pull out this UFO. I have my version of Bonnie's Scrappy Sisters Choice quilt.  When I started this quilt, I had a stack of center blocks already made. I used those instead of 9 patches.  Then I started putting it together. Then I changed my mind, wrote a note and put everything away. That means I haven't touched it in a very long time. 

Included in the bag of blocks and partial rows is a note to myself.  It says where I blogged about this top. It also includes what I planned to do with them.  I thought I needed to add sashing.  Several blocks need to be completed (There are several partial blocks with the parts pinned to them.) and that I wanted to take apart the blocks that are sewn into rows.

What's really going to happen in I am going to complete these blocks. I am not going to take the rows apart and I am going to finish this top. Will it be quilted before the new mystery starts? No. I've got other things happening but it will be nice to have this ready to quilt. I have border, backing and binding fabric so when it gets put away, it will be ready to baste and quilt.

I'm linking up at Jo's Country Junction.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Design Wall Monday

This past weekend was spent retreating with local friends. I was lucky and got to share a table with DD2-Crystal. She hasn't retreated with us for quite a while and we were all very thankful that Mike could take some time off from work so she could get in a few days of power sewing.

I only took my Pineapple Crazy to work on. I had 12 bobbins for my featherweight ready to go, my bags of scraps and papers. I thought I could get through those 12 bobbins, I really over estimated myself! I used 5 bobbins all weekend. I made a small dent in my scrap bags by completing 12 pineapple blocks and 5 border blocks.

I am now officially over one third finished with my blocks....82 pineapples and 20 border blocks. Not bad for 2 years time when I consider this to be my long term project.  I'm wondering how long long term is.  But after seeing Bonnie Hunter's quilt in person, I am very motivated to work on mine and get it finished.

Of course we had to play with some of the blocks to see what it could look like.  One of the gals stood up on a chair to get a look-see so I handed her my phone to get a picture. I hadn't seen it from this angle and it looks amazing!  Now I am really motivated. This is what 30 blocks looks like.   Pineapple Crazy is found in Bonnie Hunter's book-String Fling .

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**I just remembered I didn't make a list for this week. I didn't finish my list from last week so I'm going to finish that and then we'll see what trouble I can get in to.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Design Wall Monday

Do you make deals with yourself? I do. All the time. I finished the Pinwheel quilt the other day and said I was going to get the Pieced Hexi quilt basted and quilt it next. But...the backing still needs to be made and Patches and Posies is on the UFO Parade list and it's smaller and everything is right here, ready to pin baste and PH is big and PP is older and screaming at me!   PH will be next.

So here we are. I'm practicing my echo quilting. OH BOY! I need practice!! I figure I won't get any better until I do it. I'm doing it. I'm echo quilting. Block 3 looks lots better than block 1.

Last week I planned to:
  • Finish the pinwheel quilt  DONE 
  • Work on Friends and Companions.  Nope
  • Work on Wishes.  I looked at it, assessed how much background I have and need to do some thinking about different borders. This is a stash quilt and I still have quite a bit of the bright print so I'm thinking piano keys...maybe.
This week:
  • Retreat starts Thursday.....Can't wait. How many Pineapple Crazy blocks can I get made in 4 days without going crazy!
  • Finish Patches and Posies
  • Mail 9 patches for swap
  • Make back for Pieced Hexies.
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Friday, October 10, 2014

On The Needles

Good progress has been made on the No Purl Monkey Socks.
I am such a slow knitter and if there is a pattern,
I'm even slower.
It's all good,
this isn't a race or a matter of life and death.
Good thing!

I made a whoopsie in the heel.
I'll live with it.
I am terrified of unknitting short rows.
Again, it's not a matter of life and death.

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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Finishes Feel Fantastic!

Time to Celebrate!

Pinwheels Finished!
(Ooohhh, I forgot to use the lint brush before posting a picture.
It's all de-linted now, ready for gifting.)

Fun pinwheel backing found at Thousands Of Bolts.

Scrappy Twin Sisters Finished!

Fun scrappy flannel backing.

Before this makes it to a UFO list,
borders have been added so it is next up to be quilted. 
Time to get out the tables for basting!
That's 3 UFOs off the UFO Parade List-Part 1.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Design Wall Monday


Quilting has begun on number 3 on the UFO Parade from August.  Thursday morning I cut batting for the next 3 quilts I want to get quilted.  2 were on the list and one needs to be finished before it makes a list. UFO 2 has the backing made but I forgot to cut that batting. Binding for #s 2 and 3 are sewn and pressed waiting in the binding basket.


This is Scrappy Twin Sister and she is finished.  She has aged from September 2010. I think that's plenty long enough. I found this block design in Quiltmaker magazine as one of Bonnie Hunter's Addicted to Scraps Column.  It was so fun to discover all the fun fabrics I put in this quilt.  The back is scrappy flannel squares.  I'll take pictures this week.  Of course I had to have a seam ripper moment. Thank goodness it wasn't more that this little circle.  Aren't those pink poodles a hoot!

 Just for fun, Shirley and Polly have discovered the empty dishwasher. I had to spin the spray arm above them. They are so funny!  No kitties were harmed in the loading of the dishwasher.

Last week's list:
  • Finish Tell It To The Stars   Done-waiting for the November clue
  • Pin baste a quilt  Not only pin basted but quilted and finished!
  • Next block for Wishes, work of border and sashing  Block in finished but didn't start on sashing or border
  • Next step for Friends and Companions  Block is finished.

This week I plan to:
  • Finish the pinwheel quilt
  • Work on Friends and Companions.
  • Work on Wishes.
I can't wait to have Monday morning coffee with friends of DWM at Patchwork Times.

Friday, October 03, 2014

On The Needles

I'm working on the No Purl Monkey Socks again. It is Socktoberfest Season after all. I want to knit a couple pair of socks this month. Or at least finish these. I have so much fun sock yarn to play with and I miss knitting. 2 more color sections were added last night before I was interrupted by someone needing loves . I will leave my knitting bag next to my chair and try to knit at least a color section each evening.

Miss Shirley Kitty is learning to lay on Momma's lap/legs without playing with the yarn. She is doing really good. What you can't see is the little dog that is napping on my right hip.

See what others have on their needles at Patchwork Times today.  I might be adding a new pattern to my collection.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Tell It To The Stars

(Please forgive my horrible photos.
Poor lighting and cell phones combine to make this happen.
And me, I broke my camera.)

I have Tell It To The Stars sewn together.
Quilt Inspector, Shirley approves.
Next up are the borders.
Knowing Judy L, she is going to have an amazing pieced border to add to this.
I will sit back and wait for November's mystery clue.
It feels good to be ahead of the game.

There is no place in my house to lay out the quilt top and get a full picture.
It's raining outside. Boo.
I love the colors I chose for this.
It will be a wonderful fall quilt when it's finished.

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National Sewing Month Recap

My goal for National Sewing Month was to sew every day. 
I did it! 
I am celebrating.
Seriously, I cannot believe how much I accomplished.
Most days I was able to sit in front of the sewing machine.
Some days were spent with a little time, threaded needle and Circle of Jewels in my lap.

What did I work on?
In the collage you can see red/white/blue blocks for retreat lotto drawing, under that is the Quilt Retreat bag, next to that is Shirley checking out Tell It To The Stars, Batik Boxes (UFO blocks) top was put together, Wishes BOM was caught up, 2 minis, more Pineapple Crazy blocks made. Retreat fun happened. Smith Mountain Morning top was completed, Batik Hexies quilted. Circle of Jewels added to and a butterfly bag  (the black and white bag was made by Cheryl).  

Each day sewing time was found.
I'd love to keep that up for October.
For no other reason than
Sewing Soothes My Soul.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Design Wall Monday...

...National Sewing Month-Days 27-29

I haven't sat in front of the sewing machine since I finished this top on Friday.  But I have been sewing up a storm on Circle of Jewels.  This photo is from September 15th. 2 weeks ago and I have finished row 3 and I'm halfway into row 4-the halfway row. I'm kind of excited!!  I'm hoping for a nice day this week so I can lay it out on the grass and get a good picture.

Each day of September I have sewed and National Sewing Month is soon over-I'm going to miss this challenge to myself but Soctober starts and knitting socks will be my obsession. It's a good thing I have some in progress. That will give my brain a head start. LOL

Last week my plans were:
  • Recover from retreat and babysitting. :0)  Sort of!
  • Get all retreat stuff put away.  Again, sort of.
  • Tell It To The Stars  No
  • Friends and Companions block for the week.  Yes -- I tried to take a picture but I think my camera is toasted.
This week I hope to:
  • Finish Tell It To The Stars
  • Pin baste a quilt
  • Next block for Wishes, work of border and sashing
  • Next step for Friends and Companions
That's enough.  See what everyone has on their design walls at Patchwork Times.

Friday, September 26, 2014

National Sewing Month-Days 24-26

 Daily sewing continues as I celebrate (my word for the year) National Sewing Month. It's hard to believe we are this far into September already. Wednesday was my last day with the grands so after they went to bed and I patiently waited for Crystal and Mike to get home, I stitched more parts onto Circle of Jewels.  Thursday I pretty much was a slug so spent quite a bit of time in the recliner with my hexies and jewel parts. I think I have all the parts ready and now it's time to get serious about the top. Serious is my new term for obsession.

Today I wanted to sit at my machine for a while. I had a stack of 12 18" batik blocks that I wanted to get sewn up. I hung them on the design wall yesterday and today I sat down and sewed them up. In just a few minutes, I had a quilt top. Why did I wait so long to do this!!!  This photo is from my original post-July 20, 2009.   I bet I have a whole new crop of ugliness to make another top.  Not that they are all ugly--a few of them, yes!!--but beauty is in the eye......

The top is 54 x 72.  I think I am going to just quilt it up as is. It will make a nice cuddle quilt for a teen.  Although...I do have some black batik left from this quilt that will make a great border.  I wonder if there is enough for a 6" border and then some fun, scrappy binding.......Would you look at that! A new plan as I write. 

The batik strips came from strip swaps.  I don't even know how many swaps I have participated in over the years. Lots!  Each swap always has a couple of strips that make me go HUH??? but I take them and keep them and used quite a few of them here. I added a few of my favorites strips too.  Now my collection is 5 years larger. It's time to pull our a strips book or 2 and find something fun to make with them. 

Here is a fun picture from retreat. I love sitting back and watching the interaction of my friends. We are such a fun group!